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Closing Costs

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Sep 30 2016, 03:11PM EST

This rate quote is based on a loan amount of $150,000.00.

30 Year FHA Fixed
Interest Rate Discount Points Payment APR Margin Lifetime Cap
3.250% 0.000% $652.81 4.293% N/A N/A
Loan Fees      
Appraisal Fee $ 500.00
Credit Report $ 50.00
Underwriting Fee $ 885.00
Total Loan Fees $ 1,435.00  
Prepaid Items
The following items may be required for you to prepay in escrow. These are not additional fees, they are expenses which are prepaid to cover items such as homeowners insurance, initial interest payment on your new mortgage, and mortgage insurance [if required].
15 Days of Interest at $13.36 $ 200.34  
Home Owners Insurance $ TBD  
Property Tax $ TBD  
Total Prepaid Items $ 200.34  
Total Closing Costs $ 1,635.34  
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The above payment reflects principal and interest only.

These closing costs are estimates only and may not include all 3rd party fees such as title and escrow.